Major Motors of Arab was founded in 1973 by Gaylon Adams. Like many people, Gaylon had had his share of unpleasant experiences purchasing vehicles, and was convinced that there was a better way. He made it his personal mission to provide excellent quality vehicles with a solid focus on customer satisfaction.

Gaylon's philosophy is that if Major Motors can make the car buying experience simple and rewarding, chances for years and years of repeat business will be dramatically improved. To this end, Major Motors had adopted a policy of offering just the right kind of vehicle for every conceivable kind of car buyer.

If you want the ultimate in luxury vehicles, we maintain an inventory including such well known brands as BMW, Cadillac, and the like. If what you need is an affordable way to get around, we also maintain a good supply of compact and family cars. So whether you are looking for a late model BMW 5 Series or an older Chevy Cavalier - Major Motors is the place you want to start.

At Major Motors more than 70% of our inventory still has remaining factory warranty. We also have existing relationships with more than a dozen primary lenders, as well as multiple options for secondary financing for those who have less than perfect credit.

But more than anything, Major Motors is your one stop dealership because we know that we are here for you, and not the other way around.

Yes, we will treat you like a number when you walk into our showroom just like all our competitors.. the difference is, at Major Motors we treat you like-

Number One!